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Acronis Files

Acronis Files provides secure access and editing to enterprise content that resides on company servers and document repositories such as file servers, NAS and SharePoint sites. When used with AppConnect, Acronis Files content can be shared with other AppConnect-enabled apps, enhancing productivity while maintaining security. In addition, AppTunnel provides secure, integrated communication with onpremises Acronis Files servers and content. By meeting the stringent security and management policies required by today’s enterprise to turn a mobile device into a true business platform, Acronis Files and AppConnect are for organizations that need end-to-end data protection and want the added value of maintaining control over their enterprise apps and data that resides on the mobile device.


Simple: Access and Work with Enterprise Files on iOS and Android

  • Delivers secure access, viewing and editing to content on file servers, NAS devices and SharePoint sites including SharePoint sites hosted on Office365,
  • Synchronizes files automatically to and from the server to the client ensuring users have the latest versions and files.

Productive: Edit Office Documents and Annotate PDFs

  • Includes secure, in-app editing of Office documents .DOCX, spreadsheets .XLSX, presentations .PPTX and .TXT files plus .PDF annotation
  • Intuitive UI interface and navigation

Managed: User level access control

  • Integrates with Active Directory for authentication, for enforcing existing access rights, and for policy management of entire AD groups.
  • Manages app configuration via the unique Acronis Policy Engine to provide access, extensive app configuration and compliance management

Secure: In-app security

  • Encrypts all content and settings using a FIPS 140-2 validated encryption module on iOS and AES-128 on Android
  • Offers remote wipe of Acronis Files contents & configuration only (selective wipe)


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