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Airwatch Device Management Connector

Ivanti Automation connector to enable the register/unregister, locate, lock, unlock and wipe of VMware Airwatch managed devices.

VMware AirWatch is the world's largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider behind the AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management Platform. AirWatch ensures the broadest mobile platform support and integrates with the leading device manufacturers and technology solution providers in the mobile ecosystem. Ivanti Identity Director uses existing functionality in Ivanti Automation to enable end-users to register/unregister, locate, lock, unlock and wipe their registered mobile devices. By combining the power of Ivanti Identity Director with VMware AirWatch, the entire organization will benefit.

IT Department
Enable IT Administrators to gain automated control over AirWatch cloud services, for their daily workflows.

Simplify user interaction with AirWatch Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management through a single point of interaction: the Ivanti Identity Director.

Reduce user-interaction with service desk. End-users can register their own devices and manages their life cycle using the Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal, while complying with enterprise it and security policies.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Register a Cellular Device
Register and enroll a new mobile device in AirWatch, providing input for the device name, IMEI (if applicable), serial number, platform and ownership type.

Use Case 2: Security of Device
Provide users with self-service capabilities to geo-locate, lock or wipe a registered mobile device.

Use Case 3: Assistance with Device
Provide users with self-service capabilities to help solve issues with a registered mobile device (for example a forgotten lock code or a misplaced device) of or to send messages to a registered mobile device via SMS, E-mail and PNS.

Use Case 4: Install/Uninstall Application
Provide users with self-service capabilities to install and uninstall an AirWatch-managed application on a registered mobile device, or to request or purchase it via the Ivanti Identity Director cart.


To use the Connector for VMware AirWatch, the following prerequisites apply:

  • Ivanti Identity Director 2015 or higher
  • Ivanti Automation 2015 SR3 or higher

Ivanti Automation Global Variables
All VMware AirWatch support information related to the web-services application needs to be set into Global Variables in Ivanti Automation

  • Airwatch Administrator type text
  • Airwatch Administrator Password type Password
  • Airwatch custom token type text
  • Airwatch url type text

VMware AirWatch

  • AirWatch administrator account with API permissions.
  • AirWatch Customer API Token
  • Administrative knowledge of AirWatch

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 needs to be installed on the Ivanti Automation Agent(s) that will interact with VMware AirWatch. You can download this version at:

Sample Ivanti Automation and Identity Director runbooks and services

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