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Automation Error Logging

Ready for Proactive Incident Management? Automation Error Logging is Here!


Gone are the days of your customers discovering the issues. Now, the Automation Error Logging mApp monitors both your automation processes and scheduled jobs, and immediately logs any errors directly onto your Cherwell dashboard.

Incidents that would previously go unnoticed for days are now reported in near real-time, allowing for drastically improved remediation speed. This also frees up your admins and technicians to be heroes elsewhere (because they'll no longer be spending hours combing through individual APs).

Try our Automation Error Logging Cherwell mApp today.

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Tempe, AZ | 60 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Suite 900, Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 603-9292

San Diego, CA | 4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92121

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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.1.1 - 9.6.2


Category: IT Service Management

Price: Paid

Publisher: Beyond20

Updated: 15/10/2019

Version: 1

Documentation: View Documentation Here