Axensia ENgage!

Alert > Respond > Resolve

Alert Your User Community, Assure Response and Accelerate Resolution.

Axensia ENgage! streamlines the way businesses communicate during major incidents or outages acknowledging and resolving issues faster while reducing their impact on operations.

ENgage! provides Mission Critical, Audited and Time Zone Aware Communication to End Users and Devices Without Reliance on Email. Rapidly notify your service subscribers of upcoming works or service outages to improve the quality and perception of your department. Avoid heavy loads on the help desk at the time when you need all hands-on deck. If your customers know you are working on the problem, then you don't have to worry about an overload of distracting redundant calls they make to report the problem. This allows your team to be pro-active and focus only on reducing time to resolution.

Service Desk Integration allows for messages to be triggered by service desks including (but not limited to) Ivanti Service Desk and Ivanti Service Management. Dynamic actions allow for end user responses to be actionable, such as Change Management Board approvals, without having to access the full service desk console. Designed so that those that need to communicate can do so without the need to understand everything behind the scenes. ENgage! is not just a tool for IT, it is a solution for the whole Enterprise.

Three Questions:

  1. Do your emergency or critical notifications get missed or overlooked?

  2. Can your change board approve from anywhere anytime?

  3. Do you get timely user feedback upon completion of your incident, request or change tickets?

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