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BMC Remedy Incident Managment Sample...

A set of sample Ivanti Automation and Identity Director services for the BMC Remedy Incident Management Connector.

Use these sample building blocks as a starting point in developing Ivanti Automation and Ivanti Identity Director solutions. Refer to the Quick Start guide included with this sample package for details on each services.

Building Blocks

The Ivanti Automation and Ivanti Identity Director Building Blocks are for demonstration purposes only and should be used to assist administrators in building production level services for the Ivanti Enterprise. When importing the Building Block samples, they are installed at the following locations:

In the Ivanti Identity Director Management Portal:

  • Service Catalog > RES Samples > BMC Remedy

In the Ivanti Automation Management Console:

  • Modules: Library > Modules> RES Samples > BMC Remedy]
  • Run Books: Library > Run Books > RES Samples > BMC Remedy

Please note, that after importing the Ivanti Automation Building Block in the Management Console, the created Run Books must be assigned to an Agent that will execute the Tasks. Only then can the Ivanti Identity Director services successfully interact with BMC Remedy.

To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here and use it to open the solution.