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Change Template Essentials

Save time and standardize change requests by templating them with the Change Template Essentials mApp.


Customer Template Essentials V1.0

Change Template Essentials is simply a method of templating Change Requests to save time and to standardize Change Requests. You create a template, associate as many CI's as you want, and then can use that template to create consistent Change Requests VERY fast.

Many organizations do routine changes that require extensive change request documentation. Some examples include:

  • Patching - a large organization may do routine patching with dozens or hundreds of servers. Adding them all manually to a Change Request takes a great deal of time
  • Upgrades - The same goes for upgrades to large groups of CI's, whether it's software or hardware.
  • Compliance - Many organizations have to make sure every Change Request is compliant with PCI, SOX, or other regulatory agencies. Building a new Change Request every time introduces risk - did the person creating the CR remember to include everything? Using a known Change Template insure consistency and compliance

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