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Cherwell Asset Management (CAM)

Download this mApp to connect your CAM and CSM solutions.


The Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) mApp solution provides an interface between CAM and Cherwell Service Management (CSM). The mApp solution provides maximum visibility and control over your network IT inventory software, license entitlements, and purchasing data. When CAM is incorporated into CSM, inventory data can be shared with and used within the CSM Configuration Management Database as Configuration Item records. This mApp solution includes multiple features, including Business Objects, One-Step Actions, and Search Groups.

When you apply the CAM mApp solution, you need to connect your CSM database to your CAM database. The CSM External Connection Wizard prompts you for your CAM database location, name, login credentials, and owner or schema. Verify that you have this information before you begin applying the mApp solution.


System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 10.2.0

Content Version Requirements: CSM 10.2.0. This mApp Solution contains specific updates based on 10.2.0 OOTB Content related to our enhanced Event Management feature. If you have an older Content version, you may choose to use CAM 2.7 instead.

Prerequisites: Must have both a CSM and CAM licensed environment.


Category: IT Asset Management

Price: Free

Publisher: Cherwell

Updated: 01/03/2021

Version: 2.8

Documentation: View Product Documentation