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Cherwell HR Service Management – HRSM

Streamline and Optimize HR Processes and Workflows.


In today’s digital world, employees expect HR to deliver real-time, on-demand services—but that’s easier said than done. With HR Service Management (HRSM), it’s never been easier for you to elevate the everyday experiences of cross-departmental teams in ways that bring positive change to the whole enterprise.

Cherwell HR Service Management (HRSM) capabilities are fully integrated with Cherwell’s no-code automation platform and our IT Service Management solution—so you can use the tools already in place to help your company’s HR team make the move to advanced service delivery.

  • Streamline HR workflows with automated, intuitive tools that increase productivity.
  • Gain in-depth, actionable insights using built-in analytics and reporting.
  • Elevate HR service delivery while lowering operational costs.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with on-demand self-service assistance.
  • Free up more time to focus on strategic development goals.
  • Improve time to value with rapid innovation throughout the business.

*Cherwell HRSM is available as part of CSMe.

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How to Contact Cherwell Support

Support Phone Numbers:

North American Support: +1.888.826.2288

Europe, Middle East & Africa Support: [+44 (0)1793 544899](tel:+44 0-1793 544899)

Asia & Pacific Support: [+61 2 8766 0680](tel:+61 2 8766 0680)

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 10.2.0

Content Version Requirements: CSM 10.2.0. This mApp Solution contains specific updates based on 10.2.0 OOTB Content related to our enhanced Approval Engine feature. If you have an older Content version, you may choose to use HRSM 1.5 instead.

Prerequisites: If you have 10.0.0-10.0.2 Content, there is an incorrect German translation in OOTB Content for Location ID in both the Default and Portal Views for Customer - Internal. This will return a scan error when attempting to apply the HRSM mApp. To fix this prior to publishing, at the end of the mApp application wizard select the option to Open a blueprint to review changes.

  • Switch to German > select "Kunde - Intern" > select "Business Objekt bearbeiten..." > Locate the field "Positions-ID" Text field-size 20 and double-click to edit it > Update the "Name" field to "Lage-ID" and click OK to save. Repeat the steps for the Portal View. Publish your blueprint.


Category: HR Service Management

Price: Paid

Publisher: Cherwell

Updated: 01/03/2021

Version: 1.6

Documentation: View Product Documentation