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Cherwell Project and Portfolio...

Improve Project Delivery and Outcomes.


Cherwell Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities are fully integrated with Cherwell’s no-code automation platform and our IT Service Management solution—so you can use the tools already in place to help your company’s project and portfolio managers make the move to agile service delivery. With Cherwell PPM, you can help them:

  • Automate workflow with collaboration tools to increase productivity.
  • Align projects and budgets with corporate strategy with cross-project visibility and controls.
  • Right-size resources and optimize project delivery.
  • Analyze project costs and related factors with robust reporting tools and dashboards.
  • Increase time to value for rapid innovation throughout the business.

*Cherwell PPM is available as part of CSMe.

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How to Contact Cherwell Support

Support Phone Numbers:

**North American Support: +1.888.826.2288

Europe, Middle East & Africa Support: [+44 (0)1793 544899](tel:+44 0-1793 544899)

Asia & Pacific Support: [+61 2 8766 0680](tel:+61 2 8766 0680)

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 10.0.x - 10.2.0

Content Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 10.0.x - 10.2.0 (PPM mApp® Solution V1.6 may or may not be compatible on content versions older than CSM 9.6.0, but as with all mApp Solutions, it should be tested on your customized system). Prerequisites: If you choose to import information from Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel (.csv files), user full names cannot contain commas or special characters. For example, a user full name listed as "Smith, John" will not be allowed in the Resource field of MS Project. MS Excel (.csv) will read the comma as a delimiter and fail to process imports correctly.


Category: Project and Portfolio Management

Price: Paid

Publisher: Cherwell

Updated: 01/03/2021

Version: 1.6

Documentation: View Product Documentation