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ControlUp lets you monitor your IT infrastructure better, and troubleshoot problems faster, than any other tool. You can remediate issues using built-in management actions and community-shared scripts, and analyze past issues, usage, and performance using historical data.

ControlUp is the leading provider of a powerful, yet easy-to-use ITOps analytics and management platform. Used by thousands of companies worldwide, ControlUp helps ITOps teams to monitor, analyze and directly remediate problems in their on-premise, hybrid cloud and cloud infrastructures. ControlUp is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D in Israel and is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners and K1 Investment Management.

ControlUp complements Ivanti solutions by providing integrated monitoring and management actions capabilities. For example,

  • ControlUp’s “Script Based Actions” can backup existing Application Control configurations and then deploy a blank configuration with TO, AAC, and ANAC disabled.
  • Another “Lock Script” takes the backed up config and places it back.
  • “Get Ivanti Environment Manager Logon Time” displays EM processing time and displays this info in ControlUp’s management console.
  • ControlUp can display Ivanti configuration versions, and perform actions like lock/unlock of Application Control, poll now, and enable Environment Manager logging instantly without having to update the gold build.

It literally takes 15-minutes to install ControlUp into your environment. Do you want to give it a try?

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