Create User with Autopassword and...

This module will do the following:

  • Create a autopassword
  • Create a auto username
  • Checks if username already exists
  • If exist creates user with autousername01

Passkey for buildingblock in description

Create a Active Directory user with a autogenerated password and autogenerated username.

Generates Username as follows First letter of firstname and First 8 letters of lastname and removes spaces: @[LOWER(@[REPLACE(@[SUBSTRING($[FirstName],1,1)]@[SUBSTRING($[Lastname],1,8)], ,)])]

Examples, [Firstname] [Lastname] = [Username] Chris Twiest = ctwiest Cintha Ten Zeldam = ctenzeld

If username already exist 01 will be added:

Example, [username] [exists] = [username01] ctwiest / yes = ctwiest01

You can offcourse modify the module as you please but it's a great startpoint for creating users.

Passkey BB: b1f0371a-b09f-47a1-87d8-dbe04876b92f