Project Command & Control for WaaS & Evergreen IT

If you have been managing your end user or device upgrade projects on spreadsheets then you will know what a painful process IT migration can be. Juriba’s Dashworks integrates with Ivanti Endpoint Manager and enhances the solution to provide a complete project command and control center, enabling faster, more accurate and lower risk IT upgrade initiatives. Whether managing Windows 10 or Office 365 transformation, Windows 10 feature release upgrades, hardware refresh or application rollouts, Dashworks is a solution to accelerate your users to their next IT platform.

Complimentary to Endpoint Manager, Juriba Dashworks harvests required information to understand and analyze the current state of your IT environment. Assets are classified as in or out of scope for each project and onboarded into the project system. Here, the project framework identifies the migration type, readiness criteria and workflows to automate project heavy lifting. Functionality includes multi-project support, dynamic readiness dashboards, automated end user communications, self-service data validation and scheduling, deployment triggers and a raft of project reporting options.

Juriba Dashworks has successfully helped over 6 million assets migrate to their next IT platform. Projects can be initiated quickly, industrialized for later use and velocity driven to drive down risk and reduce end user impact.

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