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Encryptic for Email

Encryptics for Email integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, Android, and the Mac to secure your messages sent through internal or external networks. Your protected messages maintain the highest levels of security and control even when passed through unaffiliated clients or residing on anonymous email servers.

Encryptics Offers:

  • FIPS 140-2 Certified Solution with AES 256 Encryption;
  • Data Rights Management to control the data at the user and device level;
  • Privilege revocation at any time independent of network access;
  • Policy Based Protection methodologies for automatic in encryption of sensitive info with prebuilt lexicons for healthcare and financial services;
  • Comprehensive chain of custody to track all access and access attempts to protected files;
  • CLI and customized API for integrations and automation of data protection.

We focus on providing world-class security through our belief that you must “Protect the Data First”. Relying on centralized protection in place at many organizations simply does not protect data when it is shared or downloaded.

Encryptic for Email Overview

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