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Process Modelling and Task Automation for Ivanti Service Desk.

With Dynamic Task Management (DTM) , we are enhancing this functionality to enable you to intuitively combine your internal processes into task sequences using a BPMN designer. Incident models, service request models or change models – with DTM these can be adapted at any time without any system downtime.

Expertize DTM combines the latest web development standards with the tried and tested Ivanti technologies. Based on HTML5, it integrates seamlessly with the data and authorization concept of Ivanti Service Desk. All authorizations can be managed using Service Desk. Support analysts have full access to the DTM data. To achieve a highly efficient integration between the two systems, Expertize DTM makes use of the Service Desk framework API.

Overview of further benefits:

  • Significant time and cost savings in process design
  • Define, document and implement task sequences in a single step
  • Documentation of task sequences that is easy to understand for users
  • No system downtime if changes are required
  • Ready for three-stage development system
  • Web-based and fully integrated with Ivanti Service Desk
  • Process domain licence rather than user licence

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