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Facilities Service Management

A self-service portal that supports processes for facilities, property mgmt and/or real estate depts.


The quick and efficient delivery of facility management services is critical to maintaining business operations. Traditionally, facilities organizations have relied on spreadsheets, email, and manual processes to manage maintenance requests. This has become increasingly complex as leadership looks to facilities teams to provide recurring, preventative maintenance that ensures business continuity while regulating expenses.

Cherwell’s Facilities Management (FM) mApp allows an organization to manage and automate the requests for services, project planning, work assignment, and execution. This mApp is thoughtfully designed using real-world customer requirements and best practices consulting. Its capabilities are fully integrated with Cherwell’s no-code automation platform and our IT Service Management solution—so you can use the tools already in place to help your company’s Facilities team make the move to advanced service delivery.

*Cherwell FM is available as part of CSMe.

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How to Contact Cherwell Support

Support Phone Numbers:

North American Support: +1.888.826.2288

Europe, Middle East & Africa Support: +44 (0)1793 544899

Asia & Pacific Support: +61 2 8766 0680

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 10.0.0 - 10.2.0

Content Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 10.0.0 - 10.2.0. This mApp Solution may also be compatible on content versions that are older than CSM 10.0.0, but as with all mApp Solutions, be sure to test them on your customized system.

Prerequisites: Customers with 10.2.0 CSM platform and Content will need to perform a workaround in the configuration of the Work Order object prior to publishing the mApp. The workaround is in the mApp Solution documentation.


Category: Facilities Service Management

Price: Paid

Publisher: Cherwell

Updated: 01/03/2021

Version: 1.5

Documentation: View Product Documentation

Note: The Facilities Service Management mApp Solution includes the following items for downloading:

  • Facilities and Property Management.mApp
  • Facilities Service Catalog.csv