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Fluid Mobility

Fluid GPS is an easy to use, easy to deploy GPS asset manager. View and control all of your mobile assets (vehicles, devices and sensors) at the same time from the browser-based administration console. Easily communicate, manage and respond to your people via the Fluid Mobility mobile app.

Fluid's platform is designed to seamlessly import devices from your MobileIron infrastructure, giving administrators the power to dynamically assign policies based on customizable rules and device parameters. Use Fluid to enforce rules such as no texting while driving, reduced data usage while roaming or disable use of the camera at sensitive locations.

Fluid's GPS management solution can be utilized in any business that needs to locate and track devices or vehicles. Fluid GPS is a highly scalable, flexible mobile asset manager designed for enterprise use but easily adaptable to the small business.

Gain complete visibility of your entire mobile workforce by adding Fluid Dispatch to the Fluid GPS console. Easily manage jobs, tasks, deliveries and work orders in real-time. Fluid's mobile app can be easily configured to fit your company's unique needs. From simple POD with signature capture to complex route planning, navigation, and Mobile Expense Management (MEM), Fluid has you covered.

  • Know where your assets are at all times - in real-time.

  • Dynamically change MobileIron Configurations and Policies based on a variety of triggers including location, speed, time, network, and more

  • Avoid bill shock and know how much data each of your devices is consuming, what is driving the consumption, and even where it is being used.

  • Geo-fence your offices and client locations

  • Automated arrival & departure reporting

  • Real-time and historic reporting

  • Automated mileage tracking

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