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Healthcare IoT Security Platform

Cynerio is a one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform. With solutions that cater to healthcare’s every IT need, we give hospitals the power to manage every asset and stay compliant and cyber-secure on their own terms so they can focus on what matters most: patients.

Cynerio is the world’s first one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT security platform. With solutions that cater to healthcare’s every IT need, we promote cross-organizational alignment and give hospitals the control and foresight they require to stay cyber-secure in a constantly evolving threatscape. We give you the power to stay compliant and manage every connection on your own terms with powerful asset management, threat detection, and mitigation tools so you can put your focus on what matters most: your patients.


Asset Manager

Cynerio discovers and profiles every connected device, from Enterprise IoT to OT and IoMT in healthcare environments, and contextualizes behavior based on clinical impact. The Ivanti Asset Manager automatically collects the information from Cynerio and delivers it as the one trusted device data source clinical engineers and IT security professionals can rely on over the course of the entire device lifecycle.

The integration:

  • Discovers rogue devices, including those hidden behind terminal servers and clinical gateways
  • Provides network-wide security event information and correlation infused with clinical context and real-time security alerts
  • Identifies vulnerable devices connected to the network and automatically defines segmentation policies that can be pushed to the firewall and NAC to reduce the attack surface
  • Gauges cross-organizational asset availability, performance, and capacity

Three Questions

  1. How does your hospital currently inventory network-connected IoT, IoMT and OT?
  2. How and/or by what methods are you segmenting your IoT, IoMT and OT? If not being done today are there currently budgeted projects and resources dedicated to network segmentation?
  3. What types of budgeted projects and/or resources are used to inventory, secure, and manage IoT, IoMT and OT?

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Cynerio Video