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Hypergate Authenticator

Hypergate Authenticator is a managed application on the mobile device that delivers a seamless and secure Single Sign-On solution integrating directly with your Active Directory. The solution leverages the industry standard Kerberos to provide the best possible user experience without compromising on security. Enable SSO specifically with Android Enterprise which is otherwise not available.

Reduce Costs: Reduce operational and support costs by reusing the existing Single Sign On infrastructure already used by computers. Hypergate Authenticator works with the battle tested Kerberos protocol to authenticate with your Enterprise services and apps. Enable your users with Kerberos authentication by simply pushing Hypergate Authenticator on their device.

Increase Security: Hypergate Authenticator is built using the robust Kerberos protocol which is the industry standard when it comes to secure authentication. SPNEGO/kerberized web services are consumed seamlessly using one-time tokens avoiding the threat of replay attacks.

Provide Better User Experience: With the support of certificate-based authentication the user receives not only a seamless, but also more secure way to access sensitive enterprise data. Hypergate Authenticator is built using standards making it compatible out of the box with native applications like Google Chrome.

Truly Mobile: Hypergate Authenticator allows your users to change or reset their expired passwords, no computer needed – ever. This is a huge cost saver and allows for more flexibility when it comes to planning your mobile strategy.

Set Context Data, define Actions Rules: SmartAccess is a local rule engine which allows the IT administrator to use Context Data such as Geofences, WIFI, requested resource etc. to trigger pre-programmed actions. With SmartAccess you can gain full control over when, where and how their employees get access to specific data.

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