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IBM Endpoint Manager Connector

Manage IBM Endpoint Manager enabled device resources in RES ONE Automation.

IBM Endpoint Manager (formerly known as BigFix) manages various computing resources ensuring security and compliance requirements are met. It automates a broad range of tasks, including device configuration, software distribution, asset management, vulnerability remediation, compliance assessment and security management. In this way it gives clients real-time visibility and control of multiple endpoints. Clients will be able to secure and manage assets in their data center and those distributed globally, such as virtual server workloads and remote laptops. By combining the power of RES ONE Identity Director with IBM Endpoint Manager the whole organization will benefit:

IT Department

  • Leverage existing IBM Endpoint Manager investments to deliver applications and services to end users.
  • Utilize RES ONE Automation orchestration capabilities to provide non-Endpoint Manager console users the ability to request and deliver Endpoint Manager content.
  • Automate the delivery of IBM Endpoint Manager “tasklets” as part of the employee onboarding process.


  • Granular control over application installations via the Identity Director portal.


  • Leverage existing IT investment.
  • Extend the usability of IBM Endpoint Manager.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: End-User Request of Packaged Application via RES ONE Identity Director Web Portal
The IT administrator can build application installation packages that meet the IT and company policies and provide those applications to the end user via the RES ONE Identity Director web portal. The user can query the available tasklets and select the relevant ones. Alternatively, tasklets can be displayed directly for installation, based on the user’s role or location within the organization.

Use Case 2: End-User Installation of “Fixlet” to Fix Common PC Issues
The end user can navigate to the RES ONE Identity Director web portal to select one or more services, which in turn deliver an IBM Endpoint Manager “fixlet” that applies a corrective action or patch to the user’s PC.

Use Case 3: Automated Delivery of Tasklets , Fixlets or Baseline as Part of User Onboarding and Provisioning of New Hardware
As part of a new employee onboarding process, administrators can automatically deliver IT-approved applications packaged as IBM Endpoint packages. This ensures that the latest OS and application packages are installed via automatic delivery for new users who are provisioned with equipment.

Sample Ivanti Automation and Identity Director runbooks and services

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