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ISEC7 EMM Suite is a comprehensive enterpriseĀ mobility management (EMM) solution, for migrations, monitoring, and managing the mobile infrastructure and networks with functionality to reduce downtime, pinpoint risk and compliance issues.

ISEC7 EMM Suite provides a single portal to monitor and manage the entire mobility environment. The end-to-end mobility environment insights help spot and resolve issues faster and reduce downtime. Early real-time alerts include suggested remedies for faster troubleshooting. There is an extensive data logging capability for VIP users, enhancing support with white glove support. The solutions provides productivity insights into the user base by analyzing mobile traffic and employee activities. The solution also includes a customer self-service portal, eliminating the need for many basic helpdesk support requests.

Overall, ISEC7 EMM Suite reduces the overall costs associated with managing the enterprise environment while minimizing or eliminating service disruptions resulting in mobile optimization and a better mobile experience for the workforce.


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