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ISM - EPM Integration

EPM Integration enables the Self-Service user to request for a software installation on a particular device. Through the integration, an ISM administrator can configure, manage approval process for software packages, monitoring the software installation requests. Installation of this integration is supported and compatible in the ISM 2017.3.

Roles, Features, and Packages


The following ISM user roles participate in the EPM integration ver1.0:

  • Administrator
  • Self Service Mobile
  • Service Desk Analyst


The following are the features enabled in the EPM integration ver1.0:

  • Software Packages Management
  • Software Installation Request
  • Approval Process for Software Installation Request


The following ISM package must be imported into the Ivanti Service Management prior to configuring the EPM Integration.

  • EPMIntegration.Metdatapackage

ISM-EPM Integration Guide

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