Imprivata Cortext

Imprivata Cortext® is the secure communications platform for healthcare that enables healthcare organizations to replace pagers, improve care coordination, and increase provider and patient satisfaction.

Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare organizations to:

Replace pagers and outdated technologies

Organizations can eliminate inefficient workflows caused by outdated technologies such as pagers and overhead paging systems with an easy to use secure messaging platform.

Improve care team coordination

Providers can use a single platform for group communication across multiple sites, both inside and outside the hospital.

Secure patient health information

Imprivata Cortext is HIPAA-verified by a 3rd party audit agency and backed by a Business Associate Agreement. Providers no longer need to decide between speed of communication and legal risk.


Imprivata Cortext iOS Managed App Config Guide

Imprivata Cortext Android For Work Native Config Guide

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