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MobileIron Connector

Manage MobileIron enabled mobile devices from Ivanti Automation.

Ivanti Identity Director uses existing automation functionality in Ivanti Automation to make it possible for users to lock/unlock, retire, wipe and register devices.

The key benefits of the Add-on are:

  • Allow automatic device enrollment when a new user joins and also automatically retire or wipe a device when the user leaves the organization.
  • Allow user self-service of common tasks like device lock, device unlock, device locate and device wipe.
  • Allow automatic apply/removal of device profiles based on organizational changes. Device profiles can also include application installation and removal.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Enroll a new device in MobileIron

This Ivanti Identity Director service enables a new device to be enrolled in MobileIron. This can either be user initiated or done automatically when a user qualifies for this service.

Use Case 2: Self-service of MobileIron actions

This Ivanti Identity Director service allows a user to perform specific MobileIron actions without Service Desk interaction. Examples of actions that do not require service desk interaction are lock and unlock a device (including resetting the PIN), locating a device or wiping a device.

Use Case 3: Retire a device in MobileIron

This Ivanti Identity Director service will retire a device from management in MobileIron. This can either be a user initiated action or done automatically if the user no longer qualifies for enrollment in MobileIron (due to a position change or leaving the company).

Use Case 4: Automatically apply/remove labels based on Organizational Context

This Ivanti Identity Director service will automatically apply or remove MobileIron profiles based on the organizational context of the user. Profiles can contain configuration settings or specific applciations. Ivanti Identity Director expands on the ability of MobileIron to automatically apply/remove profiles.

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