Ivanti Security Controls Connector

Create and manage Ivanti Patch task for Ivanti Security controls in Automation

The Ivanti Automation connector for Ivanti Security Controls provides tasks to allow the administrator to leverage the power of Automation to create, schedule and manage many common tasks within the Ivanti Security solution. Utilize the Automation connector to create and manage machine or patch group, add endpoints and jobs to patch groups. Schedule reoccurring scan and deployment scenarios within Automation. The administrator can combine these connector task with virtual machine provisioning tasks in Automation to dynamically scan new endpoints and build reoccurring automation jobs to update patch groups.

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The connector leverages the iSec REST APIs please ensure that API access is correctly configured, for detailed steps on configuring API access please refer to the Ivanti Security Controls documentation

General Automation documentation is located here

Please Note: To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here. Once you’ve found a solution you’re interested in, just download it and use the unpacking tool to install the new Autoamtion connector into your environment.