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ITAM Package Update for ITAM 2023.03

This consolidated package upgrades the ITAM metadata version from ITAM 2019.02 (Drop#15) to ITAM 2023.03 (Drop#34). This package is applicable for existing Cloud and On-Premises customers. To determine the current ITAM package version (drop#) applied on your tenant, login as an Asset Administrator and navigate to the Aspect or Patch Log workspace.

Applying this package may require Ivanti Professional Services for successful implementation:

  1. If you are implementing ITAM for the first time, please contact your Ivanti Account Representative for assistance.
  2. If you are more than four releases behind the current ITAM release, Ivanti Professional Services may be required. Please contact your Ivanti Account Representative for assistance.
  3. If you are within four versions of the current release you can apply the package without Ivanti Professional Services. If you run into issues, please contact Ivanti Support for assistance.

Instructions & useful information

  • It is recommended to import the content package by navigating to Admin UI-> Package import option. For any assistance, please log a ticket with Ivanti Support team for applying this content package. In addition, it is advised to apply the package on your STG tenant and execute necessary tests before applying the package on your UAT/PRD tenant. It is strictly advised to customize forms only after applying the content package to avoid any errors/warnings.
  • Cloud customers should submit a Service Request via the Customer Portal for Ivanti Cloud Operations to apply the package.

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