Asset Manager Post Drop#15(201902)...

This consolidated package upgrades Asset Manager metadata version from Drop#15(201902) to Drop#22(202003). Applicable for existing Cloud as well as On-Premises customers.

Existing Cloud & On-Premises Asset Manager customers who are on Drop#13(201813) or later can apply this content package to upgrade to the latest Asset Manager content version.

Additional Information:

What's new in Asset Manager?

  • CMDB Turnkey feature - Enhancements
    • SNMP connector mapping changes included for synching non-computer devices like Printer, Switch etc.
    • Improved version of CDW Connector functionalities for Purchase Order, Purchase Order line items linking etc.
    • Additional attributes added for Licensable Software tab for an asset which includes Last Used, Launch Count, Minutes Used and End Of Life.
    • Additional connectors support like DCD & Jamf Pro to sync device data.
    • New Asset Type “Medical Devices” is added and is part of Hardware assets workspace. Corresponding sub types are also added-
      i. Dialysis Machine
      ii. Incubators
      iii. Medical Ventilators
      iv. Microbiological Systems
      v. X-ray Machine
      vi. CT scan
      vii. Stethoscopes
      viii. Dopplers
      ix. Pulse Oximetry
      x. Infusion Pumps
      xi. LASIK Surgical Machine
      xii. Medical Lasers
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

Instructions & useful information

It is recommended to import content package by navigating to Admin UI-> Package import option. For any assistance, please log a ticket with Ivanti Support team for applying this content package. In addition to that, it is advised to apply package on STG tenant and execute necessary tests before applying the package on UAT/PRD tenant. Please note that it is mandatory to apply content package to enable the functionality to work. It is strictly advised to customize forms only after applying the content package to avoid any errors/warnings.

To know about the latest Asset Manager package version (drop#) applied on the tenant, login as an Asset Administrator and navigate to Aspect or patch log workspace.

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