Asset Manager Pre Drop#13(201813)...

This consolidated package upgrades Asset Manager metadata version from Drop#4(201804) to Drop#13(201813). Applicable for existing Cloud as well as On-Premises Asset Manager customers.

Drop#14(201901) doesn't exist and hence apply the other consolidated package available on Marketplace which upgrades from Drop#15(201902) to the latest Asset Manager content version.

Instructions & useful information
It is recommended to import content package by navigating to Admin UI-> Package import option. For any assistance, please log a ticket with Ivanti Support team for applying this content package. In addition to that, it is advised to apply package on STG tenant and execute necessary tests before applying the package on UAT/PRD tenant. It is recommended that all customers stay current on the content updates.
To know about the latest Asset Manager package version (drop#) applied on the tenant, login as an Asset Administrator and navigate to Aspect or patch log workspace.

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