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Enhanced Facilities Management content package for existing Cloud and On-Premises customers. This is a consolidated package that upgrades customers to the latest 2020.4 Facilities Service Management Content. Consolidated package contains the Facilities content delivered in previous releases.

Enterprise Service Management content for Facilities Management is now available for download. This content package can be applied by existing Ivanti Service Manager customers with Asset Manager to incorporate enhanced content for Facilities Management. If you do not have Asset Manager installed within your Ivanti Service Manager instance, please contact your Ivanti account manager for more information on how you can get the most out of your IT and Facilities assets.


  • This content is applicable to Ivanti Service Manager with Asset Manager only.
  • Ivanti Asset Manager content version applied must be 201905 i.e. Drop#18 or later.

What's new in Facilities Management Content?

  • Facilities Specific Roles and Dashboards: Facilities Specific roles such as Facilities Administrator, Facilities Manager, Facilities Analyst are added. Dashboards for Facilities Analyst and Facilities Manager are also added.

  • Work Orders: Work Orders are created for custodial, operational, maintenance jobs in and around facility. Work orders can be of type such as Break/Fix, Customer Request, Scheduled Maintenance, Project Related etc. 15 new pre-defined Work Order templates are added

  • Print Work Order : Print Work Order Quick action display the work order details in SSRS report (included in 2020.3 release)

  • Confidential Work Orders: Work Orders can be confidential w.r.t Employees. Work Orders can be visible to only specific employees if “Confidential” check box is checked (included in 2020.3 release)

  • Escalation Schedule for Work Order (SLA): Escalation progress can be tracked now in Work Order details view and Escalation notifications will be sent based on the schedule

  • Facilities Locations: Locations which are facility locations can be added and linked to work orders. Buildings, Floors, Cubicles of this location can be managed in this workspace

  • Preventative Maintenance: In this workspace, various Schedule Maintenance entries such as Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly schedules can be added and linked to work orders. Once Schedule entry is linked, based on schedule duration recurring work orders will be created to manage the schedule maintenance

  • Facilities Calendar: Facilities calendar will display upcoming scheduled maintenance events

  • Facilities Assets: New workspace for managing the non-device assets common to many facilities, such as office furniture, building equipment, even elevators or escalators that may need ongoing maintenance. New user roles for Facilities Administrator, Manager, and Analyst can submit and manage work orders for asset repairs or replacements, schedule preventative maintenance. Facilities Assets can be linked to Facilities catalog item and quantity is updated in Stock Management workspace accordingly

  • Facilities Knowledge base: Facilities teams can make use of Facilities Knowledge base workspace where Facilities related articles can be created and published

  • Facilities Management Reports: New Facilities Management related reports are included as part of this release

  • Facilities Announcements: Facility related announcements can be sent through Facilities Announcements workspace

  • Facilities Management related Request Offerings: New Facilities Management related request offerings are added

  • Vendor Enhancement: New “Category” field is added on Vendor Workspace which differentiates between Facilities Vendors and other vendors. Facilities roles can add Facility specific vendors and link these vendors to Facilities Assets

It is recommended to import content package by navigating to Admin UI-> Package import option. Once package is applied with validation, package will be applied successfully without any errors. It is recommended to apply package on STG tenant and execute necessary tests before applying the package on UAT/PRD tenant. For any issues or concerns, please log a ticket with Ivanti Support team.

Note: It is advised to perform customization only after the content package is applied to avoid any errors/warnings.

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