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Enhanced Human Resources content package for existing Cloud & On-Premises customers. This is a consolidated package that upgrades customers to the latest 2020.4 Human Resources Content. Consolidated package contains the HR content delivered in the previous releases.

This Content package can be applied by existing customers to incorporate enhanced content for Human Resources.


  • Ivanti Service Manager
  • Ivanti Service Manager with Asset Manager

NOTE: This content is not applicable to customers who only own Ivanti Asset Manager

For existing customers: Binary version - v2019.1 or later

What's new in HR Content?

  • HR Specific Roles & Dashboards: HR Specific roles such as HR Administrator, HR Manager, HR Analyst, HR Generalist, HR Recruiter are added. Dashboards for HR Analyst and HR Manager specific to HR case are added

  • HR Case Management: To isolate the HR related data from Incident, HR cases can be created. Issues or Concerns related Human Resource can be raised as HR Case. Below are the new HR Case templates added

  • Confidential HR Cases: HR Cases can be confidential w.r.t Employees. HR Cases can be visible to only specific employees if “Confidential” check box is checked

  • Employee Timesheet Management: Payroll Manager role is newly added who handles the Cost Center and Projects for Timesheet. Employees can submit their timesheet for their Cost Center and Project through service request

  • Escalation Schedule for HR Case (SLA): Escalation progress can be tracked now in HR Case and Escalation notifications will be sent based on the schedule set

  • HR Knowledge: HR Team can make use of HR Knowledge workspace where HR related articles/Q&A/any references can be recorded

  • HR Reports: New HR related reports are included

  • HR Announcements: HR related announcements can be sent through HR Announcements workspace

  • Create a Job Requisition: Hiring Manager or HR Recruiter can submit the request for Job through service request and once submitted necessary approvals and tasks gets created for the completion of Job requisition process

  • Other HR Related Request Offerings: Below are the newly created HR request offerings

    i. Employee Timesheet Submission
    ii. Copy of W2 Form
    iii. Pay Stub Request

  • Vendor Enhancement: New “Category” field is added on Vendor Workspace which differentiates between HR Vendors and other vendors. HR roles can add HR specific vendors

Instructions & useful information

The Human Resources content package currently requires Ivanti Support access and involvement to apply. It is also required to apply this package to the STG tenant first, and perform full UAT, prior to applying to the Production Tenant. Do not attempt to install this package without first contacting Ivanti Support by logging an incident via the Customer Support Portal: https://success.ivanti.com/customers

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