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Identity Director Password Reset Guide

Passwords are one of the most common forms of authentication in the world. Passwords are easy, require little training and present few technical challenges. However, passwords are also very prone to user error and can present one of the most expensive support burdens in an IT environment. With Ivanti Identity Director, you can enable users to reset their Active Directory password from the sign in page of the Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal and the log on page of Microsoft Windows. This reduces the number of help desk password tickets and enhances productivity of the user.

This document describes how to enable password resets in Ivanti Identity Director, based on three scenarios:

  • By using a private e-mail address of the user.
  • By using security questions.
  • Optionally, you can add verification code validation in scenario 1 and 2. This adds an extra check to authenticate the user who requests a password reset.

A set of Identity / Password Director and Automation building blocks accompany this guide demonstrating the password reset capabilities and assist in jump starting your implementation.

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