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Jira Service Desk Connector for Ivanti Automation

The Ivanti Automation Jira Service Desk connector provides the ability to create cusotomers, organizations and add users to specific service desks within the Jira environment allowing those users to create requests as part of an Automation runbook.

To use the Connector the following prerequisites apply:

  • Jira Cloud
  • Ivanti Automation 2018.3

Ivanti Automation Global Variables

  • JiraAdminUserEmailAddress
  • JiraAPIKey
  • JiraInstance
    example: https://your_tenant.atlassian.net

Refer to the Jira documentation on steps to obtain an API key for your admin account. It is recommended that you setup a service account to handle the API calls rather than using a specific

Ivanti Automation Jira Service Desk tasks


  • Create
  • Delete
  • List All
  • Remove
  • Get By Name
  • Add User
  • Get Users

Service Desk Request

  • Create
  • Add Comment

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