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KoolSpan TrustCall

Secure voice, chat and data

KoolSpan is the leading provider of robust, crossplatform, end-to-end communication security on mobile devices. KoolSpan’s security and privacy solutions address the growing threat of surveillance and monitoring of calls and mobile data resulting in compromise or theft of intellectual property, vital information, proprietary assets and more. KoolSpan’s customers include government organizations and enterprises in over 60 countries worldwide.

KoolSpan TrustCall provides end-to-end protection to the communication channel between two or more users and protects the exchange of both voice (phone calls) and data (messaging, documents, pictures, files, etc.).

Remote employees can easily take advantage of TrustCall’s high fidelity audio, messaging, and file sharing via an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that installs in minutes and requires no user training.

Organizations maintain flexibility to deploy TrustCall to best fit their needs, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid configuration.

TrustCall is designed from the ground up as an enterprise-grade solution that delivers high performance and reliability built around policy enforcement, control, management, features and APIs available in flexible deployment configurations (cloud, on-premises, hybrid).

TrustCall protects not only the content of calls and data, but also the metadata of such communications. Organizations can maintain direct control over their communication metadata.

A KoolSpan-MobileIron integrated solution addresses the protection of data during its entire lifecycle, both when it is stored (at rest) on the device and when it is shared (in transit) between two or more devices.


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