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McAfee Web Gateway

MobileIron complements the McAfee product portfolio with its ability to deliver mobile-specific data to McAfee solutions. Companies need comprehensive visibility into their mobile environment, which is increasingly critical as traditional computing endpoints evolve into mobile-oriented architectures. By combining MobileIron with McAfee technologies, enterprises can effectively integrate mobile security data with a broader view of threats against the enterprise. This allows for more effective orchestration of responses, along with the ability to better protect users and correct compromises when they are discovered.

McAfee and MobileIron Web Protection for Mobile Devices

McAfee and MobileIron have delivered an integrated solution that extends web protection to mobile devices, ensuring that users are still complying with corporate internet policies, even when they’re using their smartphones and tablets.

Secure web gateways are proxies that analyze traffic as it flows between an endpoint and the web. The implementation of a proxy is unique. Instead of passive scanning, web requests are held at the proxy, inspected thoroughly in just milliseconds, and then passed on to the recipient user.

Enterprise mobility management solutions connect and manage the mobile devices used by employees in a corporation to the network and services they need to be productive. These solutions enforce compliance and security across mobile devices despite the difference that mobile operating systems present.

MobileIron can pass traffic to an upstream proxy via forward proxy chain. Using the MobileIron Core or MobileIron Cloud management console, the administrator pushes a proxy configuration (iOS) or device owner/device VPN configuration (Android) to the devices it is managing. This configuration routes all web traffic from the device to the designated McAfee Web Gateway.


Solution Brief: Comprehensive Web and Application Security for Mobile Devices

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