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Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrate Microsft Teams with Cherwell for Incidents, Changes, Problems and more!


Integrate Cherwell with Microsoft Teams! Create Teams or Teams Channels for Incidents, Changes, Problems and more! Send messages right to Teams Channels from Cherwell and retrieve all the Chats and history from a Teams Channel. Some use cases include:

  • Opening a Teams Channel for a high-priority incident from Cherwell. Then pull back all the teams Chats and replies into the Cherwell Incident ticket and remove the channel when the incident is closed
  • Open a Cherwell ticket directly from MS Teams by using a bot 'mention'. The Cherwell user can see the MS Teams Chat information in the opened ticket
  • Open a Teams Channel for a Problem record and allow users to collaborate in Teams. Pull back Teams updates at any time into the Cherwell Problem Record, then archive the channel when the problem is resolved
  • Create a Teams Channel for a Cherwell Change record as the change is deployed and Track the progress of the deployment in Teams. Retrieve the Chat history for the Change record and archive the channel when the Change is completed

These are just a few of the use cases StrataCom has prepared for your Cherwell and Teams integration, many more are possible!

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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.3 and newer


Category: IT Service Management

Price: Paid

Publisher: StrataCom, Inc.

Version: 1.0