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Microsoft Teams WSG Personalization...

This personalization template provides the standard settings required in order to personalize MS Teams.

Instructions for use

We advise that this template is firstly evaluated and tested in a non-production scenario to ensure the configured settings are suitable for your requirements.

  1. Launch the EM Console and connect to the Personalization Server/Database
  2. Navigate to the XML Template via the Tools > Import option
  3. Leave all options ticked and click OK
  4. If a Resolve Conflicts dialog appears, leave Actions as Replace All (Note - Any OOB Windows Settings Groups will not have their Default Custom Settings replaced, a settings merge will occur)
  5. Assign the Imported Groups (ordinarily either Application or WSG Groups) to the relevant Personalization Group

Do not use this personalization template in conjunction with the Microsoft Teams Cache Roaming templates found here:

Personalization and Cache Roaming (via VHD) are two different methodologies which accomplish similar objectives, but are not meant to be used together for the same application.

Please Note: To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here. Once you’ve found a solution you’re interested in, just download it and use the unpacking tool to open up the solution and use it.