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Tranxition Migration Manager

Capture, translate, and automatically transfer user states, windows profiles and documents between PCs. Adopt the solution in a few minutes for 100 or 100,000 users. Use our powerful scripting to deliver 100% reliable windows profile migrations in your DSM and EPM installations.

Without peer in terms of performance, Tranxition Migration Manager (Ivanti One-Certified) dramatically lowers the cost, reduces the labor and increases the success rate of any PC refresh or OS/Office migration project. Ensure a smooth, repeatable process for IT technicians to migrate a few systems or automate migration for hundreds or thousands of PCs. Migration Manager increases user satisfaction and reduces support calls post-migration. Migration Manager also can be used to back up user state in order to restore settings and data when needed. The software proves invaluable in case of loss or damage of key employee PCs. Tranxition Migration Manager works with a few simple clicks with Ivanti DSM and EPM as well as standalone. It’s practically invisible, which is what you want. It’s blazingly fast, setting the performance standard in persona migration.
If you already have a solution, we offer competitive replacement packages.

Features and Benefits
  • Fully automate with simple scripting
  • Real-time OS, settings and app detection
  • Real-time, automatic settings transformation to new versions of OS and apps
  • Two-Sigma reliable (99.9% over 10,000 migrations)
  • Robust file rules with variable ‘tokens’ to capture every data file
  • Use file rules to restructure storage during migration
  • Supports domain and/or username changes which can be mapped in xml
  • Supports moving Roaming Profiles and Redirected Folders
  • Deepest settings migration in the industry
    • Office 2010/2013/2016
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Same version and cross version to newer supported for Applications and OS
    • works with 32 and 64 bit applications
  • Custom app settings support
  • Offline Windows support: Windows PE
  • Efficient scripting in minutes

Dow Corning Case Study

Tranxition Migration Manager Datasheet

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