Mobile Analyst Combined Content Package

Service Manager Analysts using the Ivanti Service Manager mobile app on their phones can now:

  • View, Edit and Create Incidents
  • View, Edit and Create Tasks
  • View, Edit and Create Service Requests
  • Capability to fill the value automatically in the picklist if value returned is one. Check for Global constants that are included to enable this functionality

This feature is currently applicable for existing Cloud & On-Premises customers. We recommend that you use the Mobile Analyst capability on iOS or Android phones. Support for iPad and other tablet devices is planned for a future release.

It is recommended to import content package by navigating to Admin UI-> Package import option. For any assistance or questions, please log a ticket with Ivanti Support team. In addition to that, it is advised to apply package on STG tenant and execute necessary tests before applying the package on UAT/PRD tenant. While importing the Mobile Analyst package via Admin UI, following warning messages will be displayed. You may ignore these warning messages and continue your testing as needed.

Please note that it is mandatory to apply content package to enable the functionality to work. It is advised to customize mobile analyst forms only after applying the content package to avoid any errors/warnings.


  • Ivanti Service Manager
  • Ivanti Service Manager with Asset Manager

This content is not applicable to customers who only own Ivanti Asset Manager

Binary Version : 2020.1 and above
Content Version : Mobile Analyst version 2020.1 and above

Note: Customers who have applied 2020.1 Mobile Analyst content package or later can make use of this combined package to upgrade to the latest Mobile Analyst 2020.4 content.Please download the 2020.1 Mobile Content Package from here.

To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here. Once you’ve found a solution you’re interested in, just download it and use the unpacking tool to open up the solution and use it.