Morphisec Protector

Morphisec is transforming endpoint security and disrupting legacy AV with pioneering Moving Target Defense. The solutions deliver operationally simple, proactive prevention against the most advanced attacks and zero days.. Morphisec integrated with Windows Defender AV provides the most secure endpoint stack at the lowest TCO. A single agent with a single dashboard to replace legacy antivirus at no additional cost. In addition, Morphisec also provides a virtual patch protection for W7 going EOL.
Ivanti Integrations include:

  1. Discovery Reconciliation: endpoint discovery for Morphisec running status and ability to enable Morphisec agents.
  2. Ivanti Smart Advisor: Analyzes device status to provide recommendations (e.g W7 EOL date to install Morphisec, recommend W10 users of Defender AV to include Morphisec).

Morphisec Technical Overview

W10 Defender Brief

Case Study: Yaskawa Motoman