Nutanix VM Management Connector

Create and manage Nutanix virtual machine resources in Ivanti Automation

Nutanix solutions natively converge server and storage resources into a single, 100% software-defined appliance that comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale. Built on a distributed web-scale architecture, a single Nutanix hyper converged appliance can simultaneous run different workloads, including enterprise databases and applications, VDI, and big data workloads. By combining the power of Ivanti Identity Director with the Nutanix solution, the entire organization will benefit.

IT Department

  • Quickly scale up or down computing resources based on end user needs.
  • Utilize Ivanti Identity Director subscription engine to provision computer resources to users for specific number of days, weeks, etc.
  • Automatically cancel devices based on user role change or off-boarding.


  • Ability to request computer resources on demand from IT defined parameters.


  • Reduce user wait time for provisioning computing resources.
  • Empower service desk users to remediate user requests for new resources or re-provision devices due to increased resource requirements. For example, increase device CPU or RAM.
  • Leverage hyper-converge solution for constantly changing computing resource requirements utilizing powerful workflow and policy control to manage resource allocation. For example, provision several devices to allow application engineers to test new application deployment prior to deployment to end users and cancel those devices proactively when no longer required.

Use Cases

Use Case 1:
End-User request for Nutanix virtual machines via Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal The IT administrator can build services accessible to the end user via the Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal that allow the user to request new Nutanix virtual machines. Administrators can control the resources provisioned and the number of virtual machines through Identity Director workflow policies. Optional automatic return of virtual machines is possible to ensure computing resources are not wasted. Depending on the organization policy the user may have the ability to select the device configuration and operating system.

Use Case 2:
End-User modification and cancelation of Nutanix compute resources Provide the user with the ability to adjust the Nutanix provisioned resources to meet their computing requirements via Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal. When no longer required, the user can proactively cancel the device.

Use Case 3:
Automated delivery and return of Nutanix virtual machines during Employee Onboarding / Offboarding As part of a new employee onboarding process, administrators can automatically deliver IT-defined Nutanix compute resources to the user. These are tracked via the Ivanti Identity Director subscription engine and can be automatically returned due to a user role change or offboarding.

Sample Ivanti Automation and Identity Director runbooks and services

Please Note: To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here and use it to open the solution.