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OpsRamp Service Centric AIOps Platform

Control the chaos with OpsRamp service-centric AIOps for hybrid IT management

The OpsRamp service-centric AIOps platform uses artificial intelligence, autonomous discovery, and native instrumentation to simplify the monitoring and management of the modern, hybrid IT infrastructure environment. It provides everything an IT operations team needs with:

  • Hybrid IT Infrastructure Monitoring - We discover, monitor and map workloads across your environment regardless of where they reside, whether on-prem, in the cloud, in containers, etc.

  • AIOps for Proactive Digital Operations - Once your environment has been discovered, mapped, and is being monitored, OpsRamp uses machine learning algorithms to reduce noise and drive faster root cause analysis, leading to rapid incident resolution and recovery.

  • Intelligent Incident Management and Escalation - After OpsRamp has identified the root cause(s), it helps escalate incidents to the right groups at the right times for faster mean-time-to-recovery and preserve SLAs while restoring the impacted service(s) quicker.

  • Digital Operations Command Center - OpsRamp acts as a Digital Operations Command Center by bringing all your infrastructure elements together in one consumable view. This includes, discovery, monitoring, AI-powered event correlation, incident management, patch management, remote control, etc.

Use OpsRamp with Ivanti Service Manager for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Bi-Direction Incident Management (Out of the Box Integration with Ivanti) - Once an incident has been identified, OpsRamp will create and escalate the incident to Ivanti Service Manager and assign it to the right teams. The bi-directional integration ensures seamless collaboration and communication across service delivery teams working in Ivanti Service Manager and operations teams using OpsRamp to fix the issue.

  • Stop Drowning in Alert Noise. Configure policies to handle low-value, repetitive tasks using an event-driven model that runs across Ivanti and OpsRamp. Ensure faster turnaround for proactive and reactive issues with consistent operational processes.

  • Ensure Rapid Resolution. Automate the closure of incidents in Ivanti as alerts get healed in OpsRamp. Maintain service levels for critical IT services with unified operational insights and effective incident collaboration.