RES ONE Automation Connector for...

The following service modules are available:

  • Open/Close Admin Session (all other modules already use these as first task)
  • Create/Delete/List Vasco Identikey Domains
  • Create/Delete/Update/List Vasco identikey Organizational Units
  • List All/List first free Vasco Digipass Serials
  • Assign/Unassign Vasco Digipass serial to user
  • Get Digipass activation code/Get Digipass QR code (base64 image)
  • Create/Delete/Update user
  • Enable/Disable/Unlock user
  • Reset/Set Password from user
  • Reset user last authentication time
  • Query User Properties

The following Run Books are available:

  • List Vasco Identikey Domains
  • Assign/Unassign digipass to/from user
  • Create password for user
  • Create/Delete user

RES ONE Automation Connector (modules/runbook) for Vasco Identikey

There are service available for Vasco Domains (create, delete, list), Users (create, delete, update) and Digipasses (list, assign, unassign). See for a full list of service the release notes