ZIP Utility Modules and Service Sample

This is a ZIP Utility that includes Modules, Run Books and a Sample Service.

MODULES / RUN BOOKS: ZIP - Archive a File ZIP - Archive a Folder ZIP - Append ZIP - Extract ZIP - Query


  • INPUT: Enter a location and name for the archive
      • Example: c:\temp\MyZipFile (do not add the .zip extension)
  • INPUT: Enter a folder to be archived
      • Example: c:\documents\test
  • RUN BOOK: Automation will create and compress the archive
  • RUN BOOK: Automation will query the new archive
  • PROMPT: browse to the new ZIP File
      • This will upload the ZIP File to the Identity Director File Repository
      • Default repository is used, this can be modified
  • MESSAGE: Query contents of the ZIP File are displayed


      • Python 3.x
      • ZipFile module