Module to delete the Microsoft WebCache

Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft changed the way it stored its browsing data. Browsing history, etc. are stored in the WebCache, a JET / ESE database. The WebCache is constantly active / in use, so deleting can be difficult.

The WebcacheV01.dat file grows over time and can impact performance and or become corrupt, causing system issues. Typical issues are related to Desktop instances and Terminal Server environments.

There are tools to help manage the WebCache size. The purpose of this module is to Delete the WebCache when it exceeds a certain size.

Module Execution:

  • The script is triggered at user Logoff
  • If the WebcacheV01.dat file size exceeds 500MB (set this to the size of your choice)
  • Related Services are stopped
  • All WebCache files are deleted
  • Related service restarted

No dependencies. The script is in Windows Batch format.