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ROA Windows Features

Use this sample ROA project to install and uninstall Windows Features

This sample ROA project has full error handling for managing Windows Features. Duplicate the Project and replace the "FeatureName" Project Parameter value. A full listing of Windows Features can be accessed by entering "Get-WindowsFeature" into PowerShell.

This Project is fully supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer:

The Project will compare the ROA Agent's desired state with current state and determine whether actions need to be performed. If the agent does not have the desired state then the actions will be performed on the agent to Install or Uninstall the Windows Feature. Upon completion of the action the Project will evaluate the results for "Success" and "Restart Needed". The "Success" is error handling, and the "Restart Needed" will restart the ROA Agent if a restart is required for the Windows Feature. The last step of the Project is error handling that queries the Windows Feature "Install State".