Active Directory Exchange - Set...

Use RES to set a person's Active Directory ThumbNailPhoto attribute, used by Exchange and Outlook client.

This sample contains building blocks for ROID and ROA. The ROID service uses the person's Employee ID, Full Name, and imgURL. Those attributes are passed into a ROA Runbook which executes a Powershell script against Active Directory to set the person's AD account's ThumbNailPhoto.

This has been tested with Exchange 2010 and Active Directory 2008 R2. The maximum size for the JPEG is 10kb.

Please review the ROID service closely. There are dependencies, the Service Attribute is depends on the Person Identifier Employe ID, and two Runbook parameters are populated from the Subscriber Attributes (Full Name and imgURL). This could be adjusted to be a self-service request to change the Active Directory photo. Additional steps could be added to resize the image to less than 10kb.