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SecureDoc for Ivanti

WinMagic Enterprise-Grade Encryption + Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management = Unified Endpoint Protection

The Key Management Solution

Mobile devices make users more productive and connected, wherever they are. IVANTI Unified Endpoint Management, combined with enterprise-grade encryption from WinMagic, means that neither users nor the enterprise needs to make tradeoffs between mobility support and security. WinMagic encryption and key management solutions secure data wherever it resides, regardless of the platform or device. The integration with IVANTI allows administrators to include encryption details while viewing the environment’s security status or asset configuration details.

WinMagic’s SecureDoc broadens and enriches IVANTI’s Unified Endpoint Management with a single console view that:

  • Encompasses ALL end point security and encryption
  • Supports ALL devices and ALL operating systems
  • Provides intelligent keys that manage transparently.

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