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The Skype for Business Adapter can transform your Skype for Business to a contact center solution and integrates with Ivanti Service Manager. IT teams often communicate with end users through Skype for Business, yet these exchanges aren’t recorded and important details are lost. Ivanti® Skype for Business Adapter captures these valuable interactions within Ivanti® Service Manager automatically. Keep accurate records to reduce handling time without disrupting end-user productivity.

The solution provides the capability to boost agent productivity, improves agent morale (one of a kind solution that focuses on agent experience as well!!) and enhances customer experience. If your organization has users distributed all over the world, this will enable any agent to support any user anywhere in the world through chat, using a tool users are already used to using! The Skype for Business Adapter for Ivanti Service Manager delivers powerful features, including :

Integrate Skype into Service Management Workflows Users can take full advantage of industry-leading chat and voice calls as part of their normal working routine.

Create a Process without Delay Eliminate switching between screens as staff copy-and paste a chat message into Service Manager. Start a new incident or request directly from a Skype chat without opening Ivanti Service Manager. The related chat conversation records as a note automatically.

Augment Existing Records and Keep Track Enable analysts to save chat text to an existing record in Ivanti Service Management; retaining traceability of all interactions so key interactions are not lost.

Skype for Business Adapter for ISM Installation Guide

Skype for Business Adapter for ISM User Manual

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