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Specifics Parser - REST API

Step through Business Objects - right into the Cherwell REST API.


Step through Business Objects - right into the Cherwell REST API.

The Beyond20 Specifics Field Parser mApp is designed to solve multiple use cases, including:

  • The ability to include fields that are populated with predetermined values from a Specifics from in an email.
  • The ability to create task, approval or email based on the value of individual fields in a Specifics form.
  • The ability to create group tasks, group approvals or group emails based on collected values of fields that are grouped or categorized in a Specifics form.
  • A table-driven approach to managing the field level and group level actions for each Specifics form.

This mApp includes the following solution to these use cases:

  • A web service to access the Cherwell REST API for the CSM instance.
  • A new business object called Specifics Tasks to store the field names and values along with corresponding actions and details for each Specifics form the client wishes to employ this process.
    • Specifics Tasks are created and managed in Table Management
    • Individual Action Commands can be created and set in each field record.
    • Group Level Action Commands can be added using Group level records for the Specifics form.
    • No blueprints to manage for new fields or forms
  • A One-Step that uses the Cherwell REST API to get the Specifics business object for an incident and ?Step through? the Specifics object fields.
    • Compare the field name and value to the Specifics Task records for the Specifics form.

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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.1.1 - 9.6.2


Category: IT Service Management

Price: Paid

Publisher: Beyond20

Updated: 26/09/2019

Version: 1