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Sticky Notes Personalization Template

This personalization template provides the standard settings required to persist Sticky Notes settings for Users across sessions. This template is intended for use with the Windows Store (UWP) version of Sticky Notes which was introduced with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Instructions for use
We advise that this Template is firstly evaluated and tested in a Non-Production Scenario to ensure the configured settings are suitable for your requirements.

  1. Launch the EM Console and connect to the Personalization Server/Database
  2. Navigate to the XML Template via the Tools > Import option
  3. Leave all options ticked and click OK
  4. If a Resolve Conflicts Dialog appears, leave Actions as Replace All
  5. Assign the Imported Sticky Notes Windows Settings Group to your Personalization Group(s)

To use these solutions, first download and install the unpackager tool from here and use it to open the solution.