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TOPdesk Incident Management Connector

Create, update and close TOPdesk incident tickets with Ivanti Automation.

TOPdesk provides ITIL-based service management software to organizations worldwide, helping businesses process requests, optimize services, improve service levels and reduce IT workload. Often, TOPdesk customers seek additional ways to deliver a superior digital workspace experience for users while driving IT efficiencies. Many have realized that by integrating TOPdesk with advanced automation solutions, they can get even more out of their existing investment and completely automate the delivery of user requests. By combining the power of Ivanti with TOPdesk, the entire organization will benefit.

IT Department (Service Desk)

  • Reduce service desk tickets, phone queues and manual input of ticket information.
  • Streamline and automate self-service remediation activities and automatic ticketing for the end user.


  • Empower users to manage IT issues by entering information directly into TOPdesk solution.
  • Allow users to view and update information on their IT issues.


  • Reduce overall Service Desk manual ticket creation and time spent on querying user details.
  • Improve utilization of TOPdesk investment through better adoption by end users.
  • Reduce ticket resolution time by providing automatic services.

Use Case 1: End-User Self-Service Incident Ticketing

Users can simply go to the Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal and request a service that allows them to create a new ticket in TOPdesk for their IT issue. The end user can update the ticket with additional information and track the state of all open tickets.

Use Case 2: Automated Ticket Creation and Updating as part of Self-Service Request

IT administrators can automatically open, update and close incident tickets by requesting a service from the Ivanti Identity Director Web Portal. This allows the IT department to track and report into the change management database.

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