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Team Auto-Assign v2

Automatically assign a team based on ticket classification (Service, Category, and SubCategory).


Is it repeatable? Automate it.

If you can create a process for how your tickets will be routed, you can automate it - and save your team a ton of time. This mApp takes the work out of it by automatically assigning a team based on a ticket's classification (Service, Category, and SubCategory).

Installation Instructions:

  1. Install the mApp, then overwrite all fields using the mApp Wizard. The mApp will overwrite the Incident OwnedBy Team and OwnedBy TeamID fields.
  2. Open Table Management, navigate to the lookup table "Incident Team Assignment."
  3. Select the classification based on Service, Category, and SubCategory, then select the team that should be automatically assigned to that classification.

Simple as that.

Note: This functionality is introduced in OOTB content starting in 9.3.2.


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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.1.1 - 9.3.2


Category: IT Service Management

Price: Free

Publisher: Beyond20

Updated: 16/09/2019

Version: 2.1

Documentation: View Documentation Video Here